Culinary delights of goose eggs

Goose eggs have long been prized for egg decorating and now their culinary qualities are whetting the appetite. Around the country goose eggs are now readily available at farmers' markets, in farm shops and on the shelves of prominent retailers including Waitrose and Harrods.

For information on local or mail order supplies contact Eddie Hegarty at Norfolk Geese (01379 676391) who also supplies geese for egg production. Also visit our goose egg page for where to buy your goose eggs.

David and Helen Perowne have been selling goose eggs from their Great Snoring farm in north west Norfolk for several years, starting with just 10 geese and now more than 600. The eggs are sold locally under the label 'Norfolk free range goose eggs'and are also available in some supermarkets.

Goose eggs are a seasonal delight with the first traditionally on Valentine’s Day -- "Yes, we really did get our first eggs on February 14th this year," says Mrs Perowne. "The geese usually go on laying into August, and I expect we’ll get 30 or 40 from each during the season."

There has been controversy in the media over how long you need to boil a goose egg -- and perhaps how many mouths one egg will feed -- but there is no doubting their virtues in terms of taste and nutrition. Mrs Perowne recommends boiling them for 9 to 11 minutes. Her preference is to use them in Yorkshire puddings and omelettes and her family’s own favourite dish – egg fried rice. Helen can be contacted at 01328 820351.

goose eggs