Early signs points to keen demand for Christmas geese

Published 24 November 2015

Early orders point to an increased demand for goose this Christmas, forecasts John Franklin, chairman of British Goose Producers (BGP).

“Sales are already ticking along nicely and so far we’ve sold more than this time last autumn,” said Mr Franklin, who retails geese through his farm shop at Thorncote Green, near Sandy, Bedfordshire.

“The economy is edging in the right direction and now that the clocks have changed people are thinking of Christmas and planning for the festive season. If you’re thinking of having goose for Christmas, I’d advise you to order soon to make sure of getting the size of bird and quality you want.”

He says that a typical 5 kg (11 lb) goose will serve eight people, with a 6 kg (13.2 lb) catering for 12.

Similar reports of early orders have been received from BGP members across the country, and demand may well benefit from the storyline about geese introduced into the popular BBC Radio 4 serial The Archers.

The wet, cool summer and recent mild weather has enhanced the nutrient quality of grass and extended good grazing for geese well into the autumn.

British geese are available direct from BGP members or from family butchers and food retailers, with demand for overnight deliveries increasing year by year.
John Franklins farm walk