Goose sausages ' fantastic for summer barbecues'

Published 14 July 2015

Ever tried goose sausages? Probably not - but they're a delicious speciality of Leicestershire goose producer Claire Symington.

Claire is fortunate to have a traditional butcher nearby - Gary Gregg at G T Doughty’s in Tugby who has a reputation for his pork sausages. The business was founded in the 1890s and he took it over some 20 years ago, retaining the time-honoured recipes. He doesn’t divulge the full recipe which does contain rusk, sage, ginger and seasoning - but the result is truly scrumptious. 

One time lecturer at the Prue Leith School of Catering, Claire comments: “Goose sausages are truly delicious – savoury, sticky and very juicy goosey! They are excellent served with baked potatoes and braised red cabbage as a warming winter dish, and are also fantastic sizzling away on the barbecue for summer lunch parties when they partner coleslaw brilliantly.”

Hint for fellow producers: “If we have any geese damaged while being plucked, we together with Gary turn them into goose sausages. They’ve become extremely popular with our customers in the farm shop!” 

Goose sausages