British Poultry Industry recognises excellence at BPC awards

Published 3 December 2014

The British poultry industry celebrated outstanding achievements and potential for excellence during the British Poultry Council Annual Awards at the House of Commons on Wednesday 3 December 2014.

BPC Chairman John Reed presented the awards with Anne McIntosh MP, Chairman of the EFRA Select Committee and highlighted the unique contributions of each winner to the poultry industry.

The BPC Awards recognise years of distinguished service, contribution to marketing, potential for future excellence and support for the industry. This year the awards saw the launch of the BPC awards.

John Reed said: “These awards continue to be a great platform to showcase the real talent that lies at the heart of the industry. This year is no exception and I have been amazed at the positive contribution all the winners have made in order to receive these great accolades.”

Anne McIntosh MP welcomed the industry’s celebration of excellence: “Having a number of major poultry producers in my constituency, I recognise and welcome their contribution to the local economy and bringing food to our table. I congratulate all the prize winners today and the British Poultry Meat Industry on their ambitious manifesto.”

The winners of the 2014 BPC Awards were selected by an expert judging panel.

MARKETING AWARD WINNERS Our chairman John Franklin and his wife Anna of Franklin Farms, won the award due to their many years of work in marketing.

They recently hosted the Annual Goose Walk at their farm. This involved welcoming over 100 people from the industry as well as local businesses and colleges, to come and talk about the current and forthcoming marketing conditions.

John and Anna both said upon receiving the award: “We are very proud to be invited to accept this marketing award, and would like to thank those involved.”
BPC award for Franklins