Obituary: Ann Botterill who helped revive the Christmas goose market

Published 14 May 2013

Ann Botterill, whose north Leicestershire family helped in reviving the Christmas goose market, has died peacefully in a nursing home near Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, aged 72.

A council member of British Goose Producers for many years, Ann was one of those small group in the 1980s who saw the potential to develop the goose market into the thriving sector it has become and did much to promote the image of the goose to benefit not just their own production but the sector generally.

The Botterill family hosted the annual ‘goose walk’ at their Lings View Farm, Croxton Kerrial, on at least two occasions – most recently in 2008 when traditional scenes of their flock being driven through the village street to pasture near the church were shown across national media,

Ann spoke then of the time they began rearing geese at Croxton Kerrial in 1986: "I remember at that time the outlook for farming did not look very bright. We were looking for new ideas and my sister Judy Goodman said 'Why not try some geese?' We took her advice and have gradually built up the Christmas poultry to where we are today."

Despite being in failing health for some time, Ann attended the latest ‘goose walk’ at in Shropshire last October and will be remembered with great affection by goose producers throughout the country.

She is survived by her husband Gerald, son Richard and his wife Jo.

The funeral service took place at Croxton Kerrial Church on Friday May 17 at 2.00pm